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Do you rely on others to perform tasks when you won't be there to watch?

What if you could keep informed while your tasks are performed?

  • Ensure helpers don't forget their assignments
  • Receive notification when a task starts and finishes
  • Track helper's location throughout the task
  • View photos of work

TaskAssure® monitors tasks and keeps you informed.

What is TaskAssure?

Patent-pending TaskAssure is actually a simple idea: you create task assignments for your helpers, which are sent to their TaskAssure mobile phone app. When a helper performs a task we use sensors in their smartphones to verify activities, and keep you informed about progress.

See our video "Introducing the Power of TaskAssure"!


TaskAssure video demonstration

TaskAssure is for services, what tracking is for shipping.™

How do you TaskAssure a service?

Three simple steps to TaskAssure services you ask others to perform:

Step 1
The simplest way to start using TaskAssure is to get our mobile phone app and Sign Up. Or, you can Sign Up here now to use the website.

Person telling helper to use TaskAssure and helper downloading app into smartphone

Step 2
Assign tasks to your helpers. If they don't have TaskAssure yet, we will email a link to get our app. Helpers see tasks on their mobile phone app.

Person creating task on TaskAssure website and task is downloaded into helper smartphone app.

Step 3
Your helper uses the TaskAssure app to update task status, and you receive verified task updates via email or text message!

Helper smartphone app monitors tasks and sends updates to person via text and email

Now TaskAssure your tasks at no cost!!!

Keeping informed about tasks when you aren't there to watch is now a reality with TaskAssure. We are working on some exciting changes, and until we complete our enhancements everyone can enjoy TaskAssure at no cost! (No credit card or other form of payment will be requested during this period.)

Coming soon - "Assure & Pay"!!!

You asked, and we listened! We heard from many of our community that it would be really useful if you could pay your helper for each task once you determined that it was completed satisfactorily. In response, we are building our Assure & Pay feature. When we release it (target third quarter this year) you will be able to review the task status page to view task location reports, photos uploaded, and other events, and if satisfied, you will simply click an Assure & Pay button to transfer funds. TaskAssure will extract the agreed funds from your account and deposit it to the helper's account, minus a small fee. And the transfer will complete quickly! 

Until we release Assure & Pay, and to encourage everyone to come on board, we are making TaskAssure available at no cost with our Unlimited Free Assurance plan. We will honor this special pricing until at least January 1, 2017. When Assure & Pay is released, users will be able to switch to that plan to enjoy the benefits of instant, cheap payments. 

Learn more and Sign Up now for Unlimited Free Assurance.

Businesses and developers

Are you a business and can imagine the benefit of adding task assurance features to your offering? Or, are you a developer with a great idea, and would like to reduce costs with an existing task assurance as a service platform? TaskAssure now supports an API for remote integration. Learn more through our latest announcement about the TaskAssure Partner API and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Trust but Verify - Any Service, Any Time, Any Place!
TaskAssure logo includes symbols for services such as healthcare, laundry, cleaning, transportation, cooking, fitness, shopping, personal care, chores, repairs, lawncare and petcare.


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