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Occasionally we find something potentially useful to share with others, especially regarding integrity, transparency, and accountability in the field of services. Health care, elder care, child care, pet care, home maintenance, lawn care, property management. The common theme is that people do things for other people millions of times every day. And today more than ever, we need to share what we learn with each other.

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Products to help care for our seniors

Apr 21 2015
Products to help care for our seniors

I'm proud of U.S. companies for recognizing the need for innovations that can help us care for our seniors. Active Lifestyles Magazine released a video recently highlighting a few of the latest products to help people care for seniors. These are cool ideas that demonstrate the potential benefits combining imagination with technology.

Supreme Court rules against SEIU on in-home caregiving case - a WIN for common sense!

Supreme Court rules against SEIU on in-home caregiving case - a WIN for common sense!

[June 30, 2014 1000 EDT] The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) today released its decision on a landmark case concerning whether or not people acting as caregivers (including family members of children with disabilities) can be forced to pay union dues, solely because they receive caregiving funds from the State. Since I am generally in favor of transparency and accountability, I applaud the SCOTUS decision as a win for common sense. 

Home monitoring is a rising trend in eldercare

Home monitoring is a rising trend in eldercare
In my research and reflected by discussions with real people, it is clear that home monitoring is increasing nearly as fast as "aging in place". Of course these two trends are related, as people that want to support their elder family members' desire to age in place, also want to be more aware of their status. In part because I see these as potential synergistic partners for TaskAssure, I keep abreast of this trend. In this article I offer an overview, with some helpful suggestions for how to find products in related market segments.

Online service marketplaces help find caregivers

Online service marketplaces help find caregivers

Have you recently learned that a family member needs supportive care, and you are considering hiring others to help? With our growing older population, this is an increasingly common occurrence. This article offers a partial list of some of the online service marketplaces that help connect people looking for caregivers within individuals that can help. New products are coming to the market every month, so this list will quickly be outdated. Let us know if you have learned about other services in this category.

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