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Occasionally we find something potentially useful to share with others, especially regarding integrity, transparency, and accountability in the field of services. Health care, elder care, child care, pet care, home maintenance, lawn care, property management. The common theme is that people do things for other people millions of times every day. And today more than ever, we need to share what we learn with each other.

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REVISED: How to approach your helpers about monitoring their work

Dec 28 2015
REVISED: How to approach your helpers about monitoring their work

One of the things I hear quite frequently from people considering TaskAssure is: 

"Even though I want better information about tasks being performed for me, I am concerned that my helper will be offended if I ask them to let me monitor their work with TaskAssure. How can I approach them?"

After talking with so many people on the subject, I hope you will find this article useful when considering how to handle this potentially challenging situation.

Tools for finding services

May 08 2014
Tools for finding services
One of the Internet's greatest benefits is the ability to help people find, evaluate, and hire services. (And yes, now with TaskAssure, verify services!) Today, whether you are looking for home care services such as lawncare, repairs, plumbing, or cleaning; or more personal care for your loved one including elder care, child care, pet care, or home health care; or just about any other form of service you can think of, there are now tools that can help you find the best match, hire, and pay them. In this article, I want to share some of the alternatives.

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