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Trust, but Verify, with TaskAssure!

Simple Idea: Keep informed about services being performed for you!

Using sensors and other "smart" capabilities of mobile phones, we can verify activities of people that perform tasks, and keep the person that requested the task informed. 

  • If you want to assign tasks to your helpers, use TaskAssure's service right here on the My Tasks page or use our mobile phone app.
  • If you perform services for others, use TaskAssure's mobile phone app to keep them informed with almost no effort. When it is time to pay you, your client will have no doubt you have completed the task.


Sample product features used by people that request tasks

Create new tasks

A simple one page form lets you define a task and assign it to your helper. A second options page lets you define task-specific verification and notification options.

screen shot of Task Assure create new task

List tasks

Your main task list gives you a quick way to see what's happening.

screen shot of Task Assure list tasks

Show details of a task

One convenient location to see all of the information collected during a task. (Compare this to having information from your helpers scattered across text messages and emails.)

screen shot of Task Assure task details

Receive progress notifications as text messages or email!

You have complete control of being notified by text message, email or neither. (Use the Show task feature to view task status if not receiving real-time notifications.)

screen shot of Task Assure text message notification

Sample product features used by people that perform tasks

View current assigned tasks

Tap any task to see more details and start the task.

screen shot of Task Assure assigned tasks

See task details

Review all of the information provided by the person that assigned your task.

screen shot of Task Assure assigned task details

Start your task

Tap Request Start to let TaskAssure know when you are ready.

screen shot of Task Assure start task dialogue

Easily keep your clients informed!

TaskAssure monitors information according to the client's wishes, and allows you to easily upload photos. You won't need to provide task status reports, and when it is time to pay you, your client has proof of performance at their fingertips.

screen shot of Task Assure task tracking

Want to see more? Watch our demonstration video.

Task Assure video

Businesses: Add Task Assurance Now!

TaskAssure lets businesses easily add-on task verification to their processes and systems. We offer an API and Sample App for Beta users. 

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2014 Caregiver Friendly Award

Ready to try TaskAssure?

The simplest way to get started is to get the (free) TaskAssure mobile phone app and use it to Sign Up. If you will use TaskAssure to assign tasks - rather than to perform tasks - you don't need a mobile phone, and you can start now by creating an account. 


TaskAssure Pro Assurance for people managing services for multiple clients or properties! Pro Assurance includes additional management and reporting features to help you handle large numbers of tasks, for multiple clients or properties.


To assign tasks to others, you have the option of either using the TaskAssure website or our mobile phone app. Only people that perform tasks must use the TaskAssure mobile phone app.


TaskAssure does not help you find service providers. We only verify that your task is making the progress you desire. After you find a person, ask them to let you verify their work with TaskAssure. If they say "no", you might ask why not!

Task Requesters: Start Now

Using helpers to perform services, and want to keep informed? You can either download our app to use your mobile phone, or use this website by creating an account

You will also want your helpers to join TaskAssure so that you can assign tasks to them. The simplest way is to create accounts for them with your "My Helpers" list. (Its easy: first login, then click "My Account", then click "My Helpers", and "Add Helper".) If you prefer to leave it to them, use our tool to invite them with email.

Task Helpers: Download Now

Do you perform services for others and want to simplify keeping clients informed about progress? Simply download our app for your device then click the "Sign Up" button to create your own free account:

iPhone app on App Store

Get it on Google Play

Trust but Verify - Any Service, Any Time, Any Place!
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