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TaskAssure demonstration transcript

Until now, there has not been a flexible low-cost solution for consumers and service organizations to verify tasks performed at home. Too often the result is incomplete or improper service, duplication or fraud. For healthcare, lack of verification of services is one of the biggest contributors to out of control costs.

TaskAssure is an Internet services platform and mobile phone app that monitors people while they perform tasks. TaskAssure clients receive notifications about services through text messages, emails or the Internet. For the first time, people can be kept aware of important information about remote services, such as whether the task starts on time, at the requested location, by the desired individual, meeting expectations, and other factors.

This demonstration shows how an organization might use TaskAssure. “iCareAtHome” is an imaginary company that provides home health and other services.

Hello, I am Cathy Smith. In addition to my full time job, I provide supportive care to my 78 year old Father who enjoys growing old in his own home. I ensure he has meals, his home is clean, and that he receives proper care during recovery from his hip replacement. I trust helpers from iCareAtHome because they offer TaskAssure. With TaskAssure, I receive verification of services while they are performed, no matter where I am.

On the MyCare page, I can review services that I order.

At the moment I want to verify that the person I hired took my Father for a walk Monday evening. I am pleased to see they walked the route I requested.

I also see I have scheduled a task to install a grab bar in Dad’s bathroom today.

Hello, this is Shawn. I use TaskAssure when performing home services to offer greater trust for my clients. Today, I notice that I am scheduled to install a grab bar for Mr. Smith.

Once I arrive at Cathy’s Father’s home, I review the description to be sure I understand this task.

When I am ready, I request approval to start this task. TaskAssure verifies the schedule and location. Then it activates the camera and attempts to detect a face. It asks me to blink to ensure I am a live person and not a photo. And it verifies my identity with facial recognition.

Upon verifying my information, TaskAssure displays reason for this visit, my photo, and the family’s secret password. Mr. Smith finds everything in order and grants permission for me to start.

As I enter the home to start the task, I notice that my location is being tracked, and that I should take a photo of my work. I’m off to install the grab bar.

Hi it’s Cathy again. Even while I am at work, I am kept up to date about services I arranged for Dad. Just now, I received text messages verifying my task started on schedule, and at the expected location. I am less stressed being able to verify tasks performed by helpers, instead of worrying about what might be happening, or trying to do everything myself.

And this is Shawn again. After completing this task I took a photo to verify the quality of my work. It’s great to know my clients receive notifications automatically, without interrupting my work.

That completes our demonstration. We hope this helped you see the benefits TaskAssure offers for healthcare and a broad range of services. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more. Thank you!

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