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Trust, but Verify, with TaskAssure!

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There are three main steps to start using TaskAssure to create task verification sessions, and a fourth step if you also will perform tasks using the TaskAssure smartphone app:

  1. Go to TaskAssure's Sign Up page and enter a valid email and your desired password. (If you want to launch that page in a separate Internet Browser window, click this link to launch Sign Up now.)
  2. Check your email account for a confirmation message from TaskAssure, and simply click the link in that email message to finalize your account creation.
  3. When you click the confirmation link, TaskAssure will automatically launch and sign you in, and you can update your profile information (name, address, cell phone (used to send text messages for task status updates) and a profile photo).

You are now ready to start creating tasks by clicking "Create New Task" on your My Tasks page, or click this link to launch the create task page now.

IMPORTANT: if you will also be using TaskAssure to perform services so that your clients can track your progress, then you need to perform one additional step, to install the TaskAssure smartphone app. This is very easy to do, by navigating to on your iPhone Safari browser and clicking the Apple iTunes link provided in the Beta release announcement on our home page. iTunes will walk you through the installation process. (TaskAssure's smartphone app will be available for Android and other smartphones in the near future. Contact us to let us know you are waiting, and which platform you prefer.)

Trust but Verify - Any Service, Any Time, Any Place!
TaskAssure logo includes symbols for services such as healthcare, laundry, cleaning, transportation, cooking, fitness, shopping, personal care, chores, repairs, lawncare and petcare.


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