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Hopefully, you will find TaskAssure's smartphone app so easy to use that you do not need any help at all! But we understand that using any new tool might be at first an intimidating process, so here's a few guidelines.

  • TaskAssure's smartphone app will remember your last login, so when you start you typically can simply click "Sign In". (If you want to switch user accounts, just tap into the Email field and enter the proper email and passwords. And if you do not want the app to remember you login, just click the Settings tab (bottom of screen) and switch Remember Me to the Off position.)
  • The main screen for the TaskAssure app is "Tasks", and as the name implies, it provides a list of all of your currently assigned tasks ordered by date. Each task listed includes the name, a portion of the description, your distance from the task, and the scheduled start time. You can drag the list up and down to see earlier and later tasks. 
  • To see more task details, or to take action on any task (such as to Start the task), just tap the desired task. That will bring up the Task Details screen. You can view not only the task information, but also the list of checkpoints that you have been asked to perform by your client or employer.
  • When you are ready to take an action on a task, from the Task Details screen, click the icon at the upper right to launch the Task Actions menu. For example, the Task Actions menu may allow you to Request Start, Re-Schedule, Call Client, or View in Map. To return to the main tasks lists from the Task Details screen, just tap the "Tasks" button at the top left.
  • Once you are prepared to start a task - for example, you should be at the task site location, perhaps at the front door or in the parking lot - then tap Request Start from the Task Actions menu. This will cause the TaskAssure smartphone app to verify required information, such as your current location, the date and time, and (if requested) to confirm your identity. Confirming your identity will cause the app to start you smartphone camera and ask you to look at the screen. When it has captured your photo, you can then submit that photo and TaskAssure will verify your identity. Upon verifying the checkpoints requested by your client or employer, TaskAssure will download an introduction message that you can show to a person on site to give you permission to enter the premises and begin. This introduction message may include your profile photo and a password specified by your client.
  • During your task, TaskAssure will remain on, even if you put the smartphone to sleep. (If you turn your smartphone completely off, then TaskAssure may alert your client or employer that it cannot communicate during the task.) You can also submit photos of your work or anything that you think should be included with the task by tapping the Camera icon on the task tracking screen.
  • When you have completed the task, simply tap the Complete Task button. This will cause the current task to be removed from your main task list. If you need to pause the task and then restart later, tap Pause Task instead.

Please let us know if you have suggestions for additional features for TaskAssure!

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