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TaskAssure allows employers and consumers to verify the identity of employees and contractors that are performing services for them. If this feature is selected for a task, TaskAssure uses facial recognition to ensure that the person assigned to the task is actually the one performing those activities. In order for TaskAssure to successfully verify identity, the person performing tasks should first use "Face Training" on the smartphone app. 

Face Training is a simple process where photos of the TaskAssure smartphone app are taken and uploaded to TaskAssure's facial recognition algorithms for analysis. To achieve good accuracy, we recommend the user submit five photos. This is very easy to do with the Face Training tool, since it turns the smartphone camera on, finds your face, and automatically snaps your photo. The process to submit a single photo takes maybe 10 seconds! Face Training counts how many photos have been submitted, and encourages you to take five. Once you have submitted five photos of yourself, Face Training will let you know that additional photos are not required.

Tips for face training:

  • If you wear glasses normally, you may keep them on. 
  • Hats, hairstyle, and facial expressions do not matter.
  • You do not need to change clothes for each photo.
  • Normal lighting is sufficient.
  • You should continue to look more or less straight at your smartphone screen during the photo collection process.
  • A green box will be displayed around your face as Face Training detects you, and a series of beeps will sound while three lights, Red, Yellow, then Green turn on. 
  • You will not need to press the smartphone camera shutter button. Just keep the smartphone screen aimed toward your face, with your face relatively in the middle of the screen. (Does not need to be exact.)
  • When Face Training determines that it has captures a face photo, then a still frame of you is displayed and you have an option to either Retry, or Use the current photo.

That is all there is to it! After you submit five photos of yourself with Face Training, you will not need to go through this process again. Your clients will be able to assign tasks to you with identity verification enabled.

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