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Text summary of TaskAssure Introduction

Welcome to our video illustration of how TaskAssure can help you trust, but verify people that perform tasks for you. Millions of people need others to perform tasks for them everyday, when they won't be there to watch. As one example, fifty million people coordinate caregiving for family members that need home health care or assistance with daily living. And tens of thousands of service organizations depend on their employees to perform services at remote locations, like homes or offices. What we need is a simple way to be informed while tasks are performed for us.

Let's learn how TaskAssure solves this problem! Here you are, needing someone to perform a task. You can find a person to perform the task through many different organizations, or friends, or contractors. Once you find your helper, you will both agree to the task, schedule, location and other specific terms.

Then you will each move on to your normal lives until the day the task is scheduled. 
When the task is scheduled, you may be somewhere such as your place of employment or anywhere else. And your helper will go to the task location, which might be your family-member's home, or anywhere else.

You might find yourself wondering if your helper has been able to perform the task according to your agreement and expectations. This is where TaskAssure can assist you and your helper to keep informed about task progress. You won't need to worry, and you can react if the task does not appear to be progressing. Wouldn't that be great?!

TaskAssure acts like a virtual magnifying glass to look at details of each task and show them to you even when you are far away.

Let's learn a little more. By monitoring task progress through a mobile phone app carried by the helper, TaskAssure can verify details that are of interest to you and send notifications to you in real time. For example, TaskAssure can verify the task start time and location, and send a text or email message to notify you. And we can verify the helper's identity with facial recognition, if that is important to you. The helper can also use the TaskAssure mobile phone app to take pictures of their work, which you can then review. Whether you are an individual or a service organization TaskAssure allows you to keep informed about remote tasks.

TaskAssure is not actually "watching" the helper such as with a video camera. Instead, we harness the power of the Internet cloud and mobile phones to verify task details that you are most interested in, and notify you via text messages, email, or the Internet. When you are asking for others to perform services for you and you can't be there to watch, demand that they be "TaskAssured". Trust, but VERIFY with TaskAssure - Any service, Any time, Any place.

Thank you. We hope this video illustration helps you understand how TaskAssure assists you to keep informed about remote services you request. Learn more at or call toll free 855-355-ASSURE.

Trust but Verify - Any Service, Any Time, Any Place!
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