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TaskAssure for Pet Owners

TaskAssure® pet care services so you know your pet is happy!


Do you rely on someone to help with pet care activities?

On occasion, you may rely on people for dog-walking, pet-sitting, and other pet care tasks, even when you won't be there to watch. 
Are you concerned if your tasks are performed on time, to your satisfaction, by the people you selected?
Are you sure you are getting what you are paying for?

TaskAssure® monitors tasks and keeps you informed.

What are some example problems TaskAssure solves for pet owners?

See just a few examples below of actual scenarios that you may face today, and how TaskAssure helps. Learn more on our Product page, and find Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorial Videos on our Support page.

Is the pet sitter following the agreed schedule?

Problem: Your beloved pet has developed a certain routine over the years, and you have asked someone to schedule their help to accommodate that routine. Its the least you can do when you can't be there yourself. If your helper fails to mark the task on their calendar, or to adhere to the agreed times, your pet can become upset, or worse. 

Solution: With TaskAssure, you know that your helper has your task on their TaskAssure mobile phone app. And they will receive a text or email reminder before the task. You will receive notifications when they start and stop their activity, and confirmation they are actually at your home. You will also receive an alert if the task hasn't started during your specified window.

Your helper receives reminders to check their task list

You receive alerts letting you know if a task doesn't start on time

Does the dog-walker really walk my pet to the park?

Problem: For some tasks, its just too easy for a helper to take a shortcut especially if they believe you won't be aware. Yet, we pay for an agreed level of service to ensure our pet is healthy and happy, so it makes sense that we would want proof of performance. 

Solution: Some helpers might at first think of TaskAssure as "extra" work, and intrusive. But in reality, TaskAssure makes status reporting much simpler for them, and provides increased confidence for you. To determine if work was performed, you only need to refer to the task record, where you can find photos taken on location, and track of locations. 

Photos and location track can give you peace of mind

What does my fish aquarium look like while I'm on vacation?

Problem: Even when some tasks are performed on time, and your helper believes they are following instructions, you know that things can go wrong. This is even more true when you have selected a helper based on their special skills and knowledge.

Solution: If you desire, TaskAssure will verify the person's identity with facial recognition when they start the assigned task. And with a few button taps on the TaskAssure mobile phone app, your helper can submit photos. You know what was done, by who, and can keep an eye on the situation during your absence. 

You control what types of verification you need for any task, such as start/stop time, location, identity of the helper, and a password

Your helper can easily submit photos, so you can evaluate the situation during your absence

At your discretion, you can review the task event log, to confirm your instructions are being followed, and verify that the person you assigned is performing the task

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