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Trust, but Verify, with TaskAssure!

TaskAssure for Property Owners and Managers

TaskAssure® housekeeping and other services so you know they are done!


Do you own multiple homes or properties?
Or, do you manage rental properties for others?

In many cases, you rely on people to perform maintenance, cleaning, remodeling, and other tasks, when you won't be there to watch. 
Are you concerned if your tasks are performed on time, to your satisfaction, by the people you selected?
Are you sure you are getting what you are paying for?

TaskAssure® monitors tasks and keeps you informed.

What are some example problems TaskAssure solves for property owners and managers?

See just a few examples below of actual scenarios that you may face today, and how TaskAssure helps. Learn more on our Product page, and find Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorial Videos on our Support page.

Has the housekeeper cleaned the rental unit before the new client arrives?

Problem: Whether you own a second home or vacation rental, you likely depend on housekeepers and other helpers to perform services. If they fail to mark your task on their calendar, it may mean that you, or your next client are in for a rude experience! 

Solution: With TaskAssure, you know that your helper has your task on their TaskAssure mobile phone app. And they will receive a text or email reminder before the task, in case they have forgotten to open the app. And most importantly, you will receive an alert if the task hasn't started during your specified window, giving you plenty of time to make a call to resolve the situation.

Your helper receives reminders to check their task list

You receive alerts letting you know if a task doesn't start on time

Is my landscape contractor mowing every week?

Problem: For some tasks, its just too easy for a contractor to "skip" a week or a few days and you won't be aware. Unless a community member or client complains! We pay each month based on an agreed level of service, so it makes sense that we would want proof of performance. 

Solution: Some helpers might at first think of TaskAssure as "extra" work, and intrusive. But in reality, TaskAssure makes status reporting much simpler for the contractor, and provides much greater confidence for you. To determine if work was performed, you only need to refer to the task record, where you can find photos taken on location, and track of locations. 

Review before and after photos AND location track during task

Did my contractor really spend that many hours on the job? For what?

Problem: It can be difficult to know how much time a job should take. On occasion we can be caught off guard with an unexpectedly high bill from a contractor. While we trust our helpers, we'd like to be more aware of job progress and total hours.

Solution: TaskAssure monitors the start and completion time of each task, so you know exactly how many hours were required. Your helper can pause a task, such as for lunch breaks or other reasons, and re-start. And with a few button taps on their mobile phone app, they can submit photos of before, during and after work. You have access to a complete log of events so that you know when the work was done. 

Your contractors can easily submit photos of work in progress, so you see progress as it is made

Prior to paying your invoice, you can review the complete task event log


TaskAssure Pro Assurance for people managing services for multiple clients or properties! Pro Assurance includes additional management and reporting features to help you handle large numbers of tasks, for multiple clients or properties.

Trust but Verify - Any Service, Any Time, Any Place!
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