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Occasionally we find something potentially useful to share with others, especially regarding integrity, transparency, and accountability in the field of services. Health care, elder care, child care, pet care, home maintenance, lawn care, property management. The common theme is that people do things for other people millions of times every day. And today more than ever, we need to share what we learn with each other.

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Fruit or robot? The REAL bottomline on the difference between iphone and Android.

May 21 2014
Fruit or robot? The REAL bottomline on the difference between iphone and Android.
I am often asked by family and friends "which type of mobile phone should I buy"? (Or for that matter, which computer?) They consider me a technology insider and so they hope to get an answer. In many cases (especially for the older folks) they do not even know at the highest level what the difference is between an iphone and an Android. I've been asked on numerous occasions, "which one is a smart phone?". (My answer: A smart phone is simply a mobile phone that allows us to download programs (called "apps") from various companies that can do interesting, useful, or fun things on our device. Both Androids and iPhones are smart phones.) If they aren't even sure what a smart phone is, perhaps that gives a clue to their ability to understand which is a better buy for them. So, I'm going to get "real" here, even if it does disappoint you.

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