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Product tutorial videos

These demonstration videos are available to help you learn by example about TaskAssure and how to use it:

TaskAssure introduction. Watch this animated video to discover how TaskAssure can change our expectations when it comes to hiring services, similar to the way package tracking changed our expectations for shipping.
Task Assure video demo
Overview demonstration. A complete example of TaskAssure showing use of website to create task verification assignments, monitoring of a task being performed by the assignee using the TaskAssure smartphone app, and showing the original task assigner receiving text message alerts.
Task Assure product overview video
Getting started. Ready to start using TaskAssure? Learn how to create your account, and if you will be performing tasks, also learn how to install the TaskAssure smartphone app.
video demo of installing Task Assure
Face training. If you are using the TaskAssure smartphone app to allow people to monitor your performance of tasks, then you will need to use the Face Training tool so that your identity can be verified by TaskAssure with facial recognition. This video shows how easy it is to complete face training.
video demo of face training with Task Assure
Creating tasks. Watch while we show how easy it is to create a task verification session with TaskAssure from our website app "My Tasks". Learn how to define the right level of verification and notification to meet your situation.
video demo of creating tasks with Task Assure
Performing tasks. We demonstrate the use of the TaskAssure smartphone app by a person while performing a task. See how easy it is to verify identity with facial recognition, and how TaskAssure won't interfere with your job, even while it keeps your client up to date.
video demo of performing tasks with task assure

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We'll be happy to answer your questions! If you have an immediate question, please call 1-855-355-ASSURE (855-355-2778) and enter "1" for Sales, or "2" for Support. 

Or you can use our online contact form to send your question by email. We will respond within 24 hours.

Task Requesters: Start Now

Using helpers to perform services, and want to keep informed? You can either download our app to use your mobile phone, or use this website by creating an account

You will also want your helpers to join TaskAssure so that you can assign tasks to them. The simplest way is to create accounts for them with your "My Helpers" list. (Its easy: first login, then click "My Account", then click "My Helpers", and "Add Helper".) If you prefer to leave it to them, use our tool to invite them with email.

Task Helpers: Download Now

Do you perform services for others and want to simplify keeping clients informed about progress? Simply download our app for your device then click the "Sign Up" button to create your own free account:

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Businesses: Contact Us Now

TaskAssure lets businesses easily add-on task verification to their processes and systems. We offer an API and Sample App for Beta users. 

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We are proud to announce receiving the 2014 Caregiver Friendly Award.
2014 Caregiver Friendly Award

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TaskAssure logo includes symbols for services such as healthcare, laundry, cleaning, transportation, cooking, fitness, shopping, personal care, chores, repairs, lawncare and petcare.


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