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Text summary for creating tasks

Assigning TaskAssure tasks to people is easy! You start by clicking the Create New Task link on your My Tasks page. (You will need to sign in first using your email and password.) When creating a new task, you will fill in the fields and options on the task form. There are three sections to the task form:

  1. In the first section, you can specify basic task information such as a name, description, date, time, location, and (very important) the person's email address that will perform the task. In a typical situation, you will already have an agreement with the person to perform the task, and you do not need to go into extreme detail on the TaskAssure task form. But the data you enter is important, because TaskAssure uses it to verify the services. For example, you need to provide the expected task start date and time, and duration. When the person indicates they are starting the task, TaskAssure can check your expected data and time with the actual, and notify you if it started on time.

  2. The next section of the task creation form is for you to select the types of verification that are important to you during the task. TaskAssure refers to these as "Task Checkpoints". Along the way, we are running a checkpoint on the individual performing your task, so that we can record whether or not they are meeting your expectations. You can choose which verification checkpoints to activate for each task. Typically you will make those decisions based on your concern about the task timing, location, the person's identity, and so forth. Even if you do not require any verification checkpoints, TaskAssure still logs when the task is started, and when it ends, and tracks the location of the person while performing the task. Photos can also be uploaded by the person so that you can see their work.

  3. The final section of the task creation form allows you to specify "Task Notification" preferences. You can choose whether to receive notifications only when tasks change status (for example from pending to started), and or when task verification checkpoints are executed. You can also choose whether to be notified by email, text message or neither. Typically you will make these decisions based on your concerns and need to be kept up to date. In some cases, you might not want any realtime notification at all, and you can visit the TaskAssure My Tasks web page later to see the task log and information. In other cases, you might want text message and or email so that you can know immediately when task status changes, and perhaps take action such as calling the person, or taking backup plans.

After you create a task, it will then be displayed the next time the person that you assign it to will open their TaskAssure smartphone app. Don't forget, you can always Edit or Delete any task from your My Tasks page.

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